A GLASWEGIAN podcaster has recieved a message from Justin Bieber who has praised his work.

James English, from Possilpark, chatted with Wim Hof, otherwise known as the Ice Man, for his podcast series - Anything Goes With James English.

But world-famous singer-songwriter Justin Bieber, who recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show got chatting about Wim Hof after watching James' podcast.

And on Tuesday, James was privately messaged by Justin Bieber on Instagram, who wrote: "Hey James! I was on Ellen recently and we got chatting about Wim Hof after I watched your podcast. 

"It was awesome! JB" 

When one of the biggest Names on the planet messages you after watching my podcast with the Ice man Wim Hof https://youtu.be/QXfF8-kvQ8g

Posted by James English - the anything goes show on Friday, 4 December 2020

To watch the podcast, click here.