The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a tour, yes, a tour, in 2020, in a country in the grip of a pandemic.

The lockdown rules that everyone else is expected to stick by have been disregarded for a trip north from Kensington Palace.

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown was just announced, Prince Charles made his great escape from London to one of his second homes in Aberdeenshire.

Like father like son, it seems.

In England, William and Kate are known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but in Scotland they are the Earl and Countess of Strathearn.

This change of title took place at the exact moment when their Royal Train crossed the border, at the exact same time they were breaking COVID-19 rules.

Here’s a reminder of some of the rules.

Essential travel only to/from level 3 or 4 areas in Scotland, and to/from rest of UK

Essential use of public transport only.

How many rules or guidance did they breach? Either in law or in spirit?

Well, there’s crossing from England into Scotland for a start. I’ve read the rules and I don’t remember it saying do not travel between countries unless you are travelling in your own private train, or your granny’s train.

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Perhaps there is another get out that it’s ok as long as Shakin’ Stevens is there to sing for you as you board the train, as he did bizarrely, at Euston station.

Glasgow Times:

From Waverley Station, in a level three area, the Royal couple were then chauffeured in the back of a Range Rover to an Ambulance depot in Newbridge, in the capital, to thank staff.

This week, Professor Jason Leitch, identified car sharing as one of the biggest drivers of coronavirus infection rates and urged people not to do it.

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Before crossing the border, they had stopped off at primary school in Berwick and surprised the children with some reindeer.

Glasgow Times:

All non-essential visitors are banned from schools just now amid concerns about transmission of the virus. Indeed, many of the restrictions we are enduring are in order to keep schools open.

Again, I may have missed it but is there a clause, (pun completely intended) that says no visitors, unless you turn up with a couple of reindeer.

The Royal couple are on a tour of the UK to thank key workers for their efforts during the pandemic.

It is very nice of them to want to say a thank you and some of those they spoke to were probably genuinely pleased about it, and the children would definitely had enjoyed the reindeer. Nice touch

However, it is hardly what you would call an essential journey.

Perhaps they could have waited until the pandemic is over and then visit as many schools and ambulance stations and other places where key workers are employed, as they can fit in, and speak to even more people once social distancing can be relaxed.

I’m sure it would be much appreciated by a good many people then.

Until then, perhaps they should just have sent a card.