Earliest memory of Glasgow? Going for walks up Sauchiehall Street.

Which street did you live on? Milton Place, Cowcaddens. I was born Sally Sloan there on July 26, 1937. My mother was Irish and came to Glasgow with all her family from County Down. She was widowed twice and I had three brothers and a sister.

Glasgow Times:

Describe your house: We lived on the third floor, with seven doors on the landing and two lavatories. We stayed in a room and kitchen – my brothers occupied the small room with three single beds, and mother, father, my sister and me slept in the set-in bed. The kitchen had a large stone basin for everything – cooking, washing, you name it. We got a bath at the washhouse, where the women could do their week’s washing in the steamie. I remember we had a huge back court too.

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What school did you go to? St Aloysius Primary on Renton Street. I remember a teacher who used to walk around on top of the desks, which was very strange.

Favourite local cinema and why? The Grand Picture House. We used to try and sneak in the back door when it was busy.

Favourite local shop and why? There was a wonderful ice cream shop next to the Grand, I think it was called Gizzo’s, but I’m not sure. My mum would send us up with a shilling for a treat. One day, we were playing ring-a-ring-a-roses and I put the shilling in my mouth so I could hold my pals’ hands – and guess what? Yes, I swallowed it. My mum got it back…eventually…

Where did you go dancing? I loved the Plaza, the Locarno, the Dennistoun Palais – the tango was my favourite dance, it’s very dramatic.

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Best thing about growing up in Glasgow? I loved it all.

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