SOMETHING I’ve discovered as I’ve gotten older is that decorating your house for Christmas is absolutely not like it is in the films.

There’s more stress than cheer, half of the lights are always broken, if you can ever figure out how to untangle them, that is, and no matter how hard you try, those window displays will just never stay up.

My 2020 coping mechanism has been takeaways – no lockdown glow up here – so, to reward ourselves on a job (sort of) well done, my partner and I turn to JustEat.

There aren’t a vast amount of takeaways where we live so this is our usual way to get our hands on the good stuff. Plus, venturing outside is so 2019.

We settled on Pollo Loco Peri Peri on Paisley Road West.

I’d never heard of it before, but figured a chicken joint offered the simplicity I needed after a day trying to stop an angel from falling off her perch at the top of my tree.

I opted for a salt and pepper chicken stack – which was basically some chunks of marinated meat topped with chips and cheese – with a side of mozzarella sticks, because there’s no such thing as too much cheese.

For my partner, it was a ­chilli beef stack – which was the

same premise as mine, but

spicier – and a peri peri chicken burger.

If there was a cure for the stress of turning your home into a grotto, this was it.

Honestly, the only fault I could find with the meal was that I hadn’t known about this place sooner.

It was exactly the kind of guilty pleasure meal you need after a stressful day or just any day in 2020.

The service was prompt and exactly when it was supposed to according to the JustEat tracker.

The delivery driver was cheerful and friendly.

The food was hot and delicious.

Full of flavour and exactly what you would hope for.

The portion sizes were, also, fantastic and we probably over ordered for just the pair of us.

Perhaps the best part of all was it was all just over £21.

When it comes to spice, I’m a bit of coward – I can’t even handle a curry – so, for me, it was just spicy enough.

My partner thought it was a good meal, but faired on the milder side.

For those who are fans of

the spice, it may not be the best pick.