GLASGOW cleansing staff have given their support to the Bank on Us toy appeal with the installation of new collection bins.

Members of the GMB Trade Union have placed drop off spots in Glasgow City Council depots for employees to donate toys as part of the Glasgow Times campaign.

The gifts will then be collated and delivered to the closest toy bank in order to be distributed to children who would otherwise go without.

Chris Mitchell, convener of the GMB Trade Union for the cleansing department at Glasgow City Council, said: “It’s just like the foodbank donations we did way back in April, along with the Lord Provost.

“As we all know, a lot of communities are struggling more and more and were using foodbanks.

“We put bins in all the depots so employees and GMB members donated. This will be the same.”

He added: “Lots of kids this year, and parents, will be really in need.

“No child should go without anything at Christmas, so this would be the cleansing department’s way of giving back to the communities we service.”

Staff previously supported the Bank on Us food drive, which aimed to increase donations ahead of last Christmas, and contributed a number of parcels to local charities.

The bins have popped up in several depots already, with the remainder due to be in place by next week.

Councillor Paul Carey has praised the initiative of the council staff and the Glasgow Times campaign.

He said: “This is a great idea. Once again, the Glasgow Times is coming to the aid of children in the city to make sure they wake up to a present on Christmas Day.

“A further well done to GMB’s Chris Mitchell, the cleansing workers and to my constituents that work in the cleansing department, who have told me they are delighted to support this fantastic appeal by the Glasgow Times.”

The Bank on Us toy appeal aims to ensure no child will wake up without a present under the tree on December 25.

Toys must be newly bought due to coronavirus safety guidelines and can be dropped off at dozens of sites across Glasgow and the west.

Full details of all delivery points can be found on the Glasgow Times website.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up for those who would rather donate electronically amid the pandemic.

So far, a total of £3,445 has been raised.

Businessman John McGlynn has vowed to match any donations up to £5,000.

To donate via our GoFundMe page visit