IAIN Mundy stops himself for a second to chew on the question. After his Glasgow band Braw reached number one on iTunes earlier this year, does he consider them to be bestsellers? 

“Well,” he laughs, pointing out Whisky in Hand topped ‘just’ the Worldwide list. “In a very, very niche category. That was a laugh!” 

A niche category, but as Iain later says a “brief moment of fame” for him and brother Andrew, who also climbed to number 65 on the Official Scottish Singles Chart with the ballad. 

It was the first time the siblings found themselves making waves online and now they are hoping to do it again with their latest song, A Glimpse of Christmas.

Glasgow Times:

This time, however, Iain knows it might be a little bit harder with the small matter of pop royalty standing in their way. 

“We’re in the Christmas category and I’m not so sure we’ll be able to beat Mariah Carey, who is flying like she does every year,” Iain, 27, says. “We’ve tried to make the song retro and have gone for a 70s type feel like Wizard. It’s cheesy. We tried to make it old fashioned and tap into songs which aren’t really made anymore.” 

The tune was released on Braw’s social media channels yesterday and, like every artist during the pandemic, has been inspired by the brothers’ experience of lockdown without loved ones. 

“We know it won’t be a normal Christmas,” Iain, whose wife Steph helped to write the lyrics, says. “But, we just want to have a laugh with what we can. 
“Everyone has thought about things a lot differently. We’ve had more time than normal.

"It was a bit surreal when it first happened and it makes you think about your job and what you really want to do.

“You think about your friends and family who you can’t see anymore and the band has always been a really nice family affair.

“Andrew is really good at his lyrics and helps out with the harmonies on them.” 

The band also found a way to record a music video for A Glimspe of Christmas, despite not being able to see their loved ones due to lockdown rules. 

“For the music videos, Whisky in Hand was filmed by asking friends and family to take a drink from a whisky glass and pass it on,” Iain says. “It was like they were passing it on through the screen.

“We thought that worked really well and we wanted to continue that theme. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and I don’t think that would suit us.”