THIS Christmas sure is a cocktail of contrasting emotions.
On a personal level, most of us are very appreciative of what, and more importantly, who we have around us.

With our working hats – or rather shirts or T-shirts – on, there is so much we are missing at this time of year, when Glasgow is normally at its vibrant, sparkly, busy, and gallus best.

There’s little we all, not just taxi drivers, can do but get on with it and retain that hope that in 12 months’ time when Christmas comes round again things will be very different for us all.

Christmas time also means every second song we hear seems to be a festive anthem or traditional tune, although they do all just sound a little different this year with everything that’s going on.

This led me to jotting town what a Glasgow Taxi version of the Twelve Days Of Christmas might rhyme off, highlighting some of the things we miss this year which we hope to see back in 2021.

So … on the 12th Day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

12. Drivers Driving
11. Cabs A Queueing
10. Lads A Leaping
9. Ladies Dancing
8. Nights Out A Milking
7. Songs A Singing
6. Seater A Laying
5. Cold Gins!
4. Steamin’ Birds
3. French Hen Nights (niche market!)
2. Purple Gloves
1. And a party going to Blair-dar-die!

Ah there’s an optimistic thought or 12! Maybe next year …

As for this year, we are here if you need us, especially between the 23rd and 27th to help safely transport you to your bubble and back – and remember, we’re separated, sanitised and safe.

Season’s greetings one and all. Stay safe!