A ROMA community group has said content circulating on social media is making "spurious and unevidenced allegations" about local people.

Romano Lav, which has worked in Govanhill for the past six years, has responded to comments on Facebook and Twitter that have been widely shared and make allegations about the extent of child sexual exploitation in the community.

Last year, following similar allegations in a national newspaper, Police Scotland set up a dedicated taskforce to investigate.

Following months of work it reported finding no evidence of the specific claims being made about Roma families living in the South Side community.

It was alleged, specifically, that Roma parents are routinely selling their children for sex on the streets of Govanhill.

A statement from the charity reads: "As a grassroots community organisation working with and supporting Roma communities who stay in Govanhill, everyone at Romano Lav has been deeply concerned by the spurious and unevidenced allegations which have been circulating on various social media platforms recently.

"Romano Lav has been actively working with Roma families and young people in Govanhill for more than six years now.

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"During this time, we have not encountered any instances of the serious child protection issues that have been widely shared on social media as being routinely occurring in the area."

The charity is calling for authorities to ask that anyone with concerns contact them directly.

The Glasgow Times approached Police Scotland for comment but a spokeswoman for the force said police were unaware of the social media content.

Romano Lav added: "As an organisation committed to equality, anti-racism and social justice, we would encourage anyone with legitimate concerns - and evidence - regarding child welfare issues to immediately report these suspicions to the relevant authorities, including Police Scotland, social work agencies and Glasgow City Council.

"To be clear, as an organisation, we do not think that producing and sharing racist and polemical videos on social media is an appropriate or constructive response to such serious matters.

"Further, we would suggest that matters of child protection should not, in any shape or form, be racialised as this is damaging to ongoing community relations and social cohesion in the neighbourhood.

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"In moving forwards, it would be helpful for Police Scotland, Glasgow City Council, and social work agencies to issue statements regarding the content of the videos being circulated and what the facts of the matter are.

"Finally, Romano Lav would like to offer its solidarity to all of our Roma communities in Govanhill and beyond, and to all of those organisations and individuals who have expressed similar messages of solidarity this week."