CAFEZIQUE occupies such a familiar and welcoming corner of the West End that its absence has been keenly felt over the course of this year. 

Signs of activity last week had locals curious about the return of a neighbourhood favourite.

The headline news is Cafezique has become Zique’s, a redesigned restaurant and bar. 

The emphasis on their scene-stealing brunch will be replaced by an all-day and night-time hospitality offering, reflecting the commitment to produce and hospitality that made this place a success the first-time round.

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Owner Mhairi Taylor is busy getting things ready when I catch her for a chat. I had been told about the new look, but I wanted to know about the food. Will any items on the old menu make it through to the reimagined version?

“No” she says laughing as I imagine consternation on the part of her regular weekend crew. “The big breakfast is off and everything.” She says the staff will gently lead folk towards the good stuff if they request their usual order.

“The thing is, we’ve had that menu for 10 years and it was interesting at the beginning because you could barely get an eggs Benedict back then and we decided to do breakfast with quality ingredients. Now, it just bores me stupid, I don’t want to look at eggs. It’s not the way I cook at home, it’s not the way I eat and it’s not the way that the staff cook.”

An important part of this overhaul of the restaurant is the fact that Mhairi will be back in the kitchen and she brings with her a renewed enthusiasm for colourful food and fresh flavours. 

The menu will be more like the food that she makes at home for family and pals: “People would always pop in, they’d know there was always a pot on in my house, so I’m taking some of that type of cooking and putting it into Zique’s.”

“I have to cook things that excite me and that are interesting. Because the café was so successful at breakfast, that meant people didn’t think about us for dinner, even though we were making delicious food. So, we have changed the way the place looks, made it more comfortable and we’ve expanded the cocktail menu.”

“Everything on the menu is going to be a lot fresher, a lot healthier, more colourful and modern.”

What should I order for my dinner at Zique’s? “How about a superfood chicken curry. It’s a recipe I came up with for my son. Turmeric, ginger, chili, garlic, all mixed up. A yoghurt marinade with spices and then the chicken goes in the oven. There’s Indian, Greek and Japanese influence – panko breadcrumbs – then lots of greens and fresh herbs. We’re also doing spicy broths full of goodness and sharing plates”. Sign me up.

The new-look restaurant is hoping to make its debut around Christmas time with Mhairi and the team ready to burst forth into 2021 and kickstart another year on Hyndland Street.