GLASGOW has some of the most expensive high street council parking in the UK according to new figures.

The city came in fifth in the analysis of December car park costs in the UK’s 20 biggest cities.

The index, from takepayments, has compiled the average cost of the five council and five private car parks nearest to the main high street or shopping area for one hour parking during weekdays in the UK’s 20 busiest cities.

On average, a council run car park will cost you an average of £2,74 per hour while a privately run facility could charge an average of £3.74 per hour.

London and Edinburgh top the list of the most expensive council car parks whilst London’s private car parks also soar above the rest at £11 an hour on average.

Belfast has the cheapest council car park in the UK, charging just £0.96p per hour, whilst Leicester and Plymouth also fair well at £1 and £1.46 respectively.