Scotland could be facing a New Year lockdown if coronavirus cases keep rising, it has been warned.

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, said that it was a “possibility” after the five day easing period across the UK ends.

It comes as people were warned to meet up indoors at Hogmanay when the lockdown levels rules on no household meetings will be back in place after December 27.

Mr Swinney said that Scotland was currently witnessing a “rising tide of Covid” .

He said cases had increased from 99 cases per 100,000 people 10 days ago to to 116 per 100,000.

Mr Swinney said speaking on BBC Radio Scotland: “Unfortunately, in Scotland today, we are in a rising tide of coronavirus cases.

“The less we do to have social interaction in the period going forward, the better, in terms of stemming the rise in coronavirus cases within our community.”

The Scottish Cabinet will meet again on Tuesday to review the guidance and lockdown levels.

Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister had previously said that if changes were required, then steps would be taken.

After the Government in Wales announced it would go into stricter measures immediately after the five days of easing ends Mr Swinney said: “We’ll have to look at what the forward prospects look like, we’ll have to take decisions that will be sustainable for a period into January and February to protect the public interest and protect the National Health Service.”

On a possible lockdown, he said: “That could be a possibility, I can’t rule it out. We are on a rising tide of coronavirus cases.

“We will be looking, as we always do, at what the outlook is based on the data in front of us, and we have to take decisions, difficult decisions to make sure we protect the public from a highly dangerous virus.”

It comes as another Government minister urged people not to break the rules at Hogmanay.

Michael Russell, the Constitution Secretary, said at the Scottish Parliament Covid-19 committee people should not “do Hogmanay” this year.

He said: “If somebody can meet out of doors, they are permitted to meet out of doors and maybe would wish to meet out of doors at midnight, but don’t in any sense do it if you don’t feel you should do it.

“The rules that apply within the area that you live have to be applied, absolutely and to the letter.

“There is no relaxation at Hogmanay.

“No ifs, no buts, there is no relaxation on the requirements of the area in which you live.”

Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, said that after an easing period at Christmas it was not possible to relax rules again, one week later, at Hogmanay.

He told the Committee: “Our challenge here was, particularly with Christmas relaxation, potential increased prevalence, to then add another relaxation six or seven days later would perhaps spread that positivity further around.”

“That’s why our advice was very strongly that Hogmanay shouldn’t have the same relaxation.”

The Hogmanay warning follow the strengthened guidance on meeting people in small bubbles over Christmas.

People are advised two limit to two households, even though the rules say three is permitted. Instead the advice is to stay within your own household and to meet outdoors if possible .

The latest statistics showed 858 new positive cases of coronavirus were recorded in Scotland.

There were 1012 people in hospital, a decrease of 19 on the day before.

There were 50 people in intensive care, an increase of one.

Another 30 deaths were registered of a person who had tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 28 days.