A NEW gritter for Scotland’s roads will be named after Irn Bru - after similarities were spotted between the soft drink’s packaging and the vehicles’ paintwork.

Fans of Scotland’s national drink can vote for one of four options proposed by soft drinks company AG Barr - either ‘Grits you through’, IRN-BRRRRRU’, ‘Made in Scotland from Gritters’ and ‘Bru Grit’.

The new gritter will join a fleet of comedically named vehicles including ‘Spready Mercury’, ‘Sir Salter Scott’, ‘Buzz Iceclear’ and newest addition ‘Yes Sir, Ice can Boogie’.

A vote will until Monday on the AG Barr Facebook page - after similarities were spotted between the Irn Bru motto ‘Get you through’ and bright orange colour, and the paintwork.

The gritters are operated by Amey on behalf of Transport Scotland.

Adrian Troy, AG Barr head of marketing, said: “We know that IRN-RBU fans have a great sense of humour and after a tough year for everyone, we wanted to give the nation the chance to have some fun in our own unique way.

“Scotland’s gritters really do help us get through and we hope that this opportunity provides a smile for our fans as we look forward to a new year.”