WHO remembers the scramble? Horses and carts on Glasgow streets? Surf washing powder and Dandy Tea?

These photographs take us back to Glasgow, 1955, when the summer was so hot, there were reports of melting tarmac.

These images of Glasgow have been recorded not just in official statistics or in people’s memories, but in a remarkable photographic survey carried out by the city’s camera clubs and now part of Glasgow Museums’ collection.

Glasgow Times:

The idea for a citywide photographic survey began as a discussion after one of Partick Camera Club’s weekly meetings.

Under the leadership of Adam Stevens, Partick Camera Club’s energetic president, it soon blossomed into a full-scale project involving ten of Glasgow’s camera clubs with 86 amateur photographers, and resulted in 600 photographic prints that record all aspects of Glasgow life.

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Like Michael Martin’s Clyde Tunnel, Plantation ( Glasgow South Co-operative Club) for example, showing a cleaner at work in the famous tunnel; and the joyous High Jinks on Glasgow Green by J Hagan, Glasgow South Co-operative Club, which captures a chairoplane ride on Fair Saturday in all its glory.

Glasgow Times:

Fiona Hayes, Curator of Social History, Glasgow Museums said: “These photographic surveys of Glasgow are an amazing and engaging resource for anyone interested in twentieth century Glasgow. Taken by people living and working in the city, the photographs capture the sights and rhythm of life in the mid-1950s.”

Glasgow Times:

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