Earliest memory of Glasgow? Playing in the swing parks near my house – I remember they were always chained up on a Saturday night so you couldn’t get in on a Sunday. Once I nearly broke my leg getting stuck under the roundabout and my mum said she could hear me screaming from our house two streets away. I was fine, just a bit embarrassed when she came and rescued me.

Which street did you live on? Govanhill Street.

Describe your house: It was posh, because we had an inside toilet. When I was a bit older, my wee sister was born and my parents moved out to East Kilbride. I really miss Govanhill and I love coming back – so many happy memories on those streets.

Favourite local cinema and why? I loved the New Cinerama on Victoria Road – it was a fancy big building.

Favourite local shop and why? The shops on Victoria Road were magic. We used to get penny toffee lollipops from the wee newsagent, and go to Queen’s Park to eat them. My tooth got pulled right out by one of those lollipops once. I was the envy of all my pals. It was quite a badge of honour.

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Where did you go dancing? The Plaza at Eglinton Toll. Into the Star Bar first for a wee drink, to pluck up the courage, then off we went. I remember it used to have a fountain, and the spray made the floor a bit slippy. Added some drama if you went on your backside.

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow? I have so many happy memories but I think the times I spent in the parks and on the streets playing with my pals is what sticks in my mind the most. It was definitely a tougher time, but it was a happier time too.

Happiest childhood memory: Watching the fires from Dixon’s Blazes light up the night sky. Magic.

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