WE have been told by the politicians that anyone living in Level 4 areas should not travel into lower level restrictions areas.

They are too late, and have not taken the appropriate measures to make people adhere to these restrictions on travel.

The Aviemore area and other northern holiday resorts are full of travellers from Level 4 areas of England.

Just ask any of the staff who work in supermarkets and other shops in the Highland region of Scotland.

There are no measures being put in place by politicians, including Nicola Sturgeon, to stop this spread of coronavirus from Level 4 England.

Daniel Harris

Via email

IN response to Dennis Linklater’s letter on Saturday concerning his and the First Ministers response to claims regarding Govanhill exploitation issues. Why not promote investigations to allay those concerns instead of criticising or dismissing?

In respect of the numerous videos on YouTube about disgusting fly-tipping, vermin, problems in the area, these videos have been posted for over four years, this all during an SNP Government and Council tenure.

Residents to date are still posting videos in frustration that this issue still persists. Time to step up Nicola.


Via e-mail

REGARDING the letter from Colin McEwan – is he extracting the urine?

He said toilets are open in train stations, shopping centres and pubs.

Maybe he hasn’t noticed, but they are all closed. And does he think a restaurant would allow people to come into there premises to use their toilets? I don’t think so. He also said Glaswegians shouldn’t drink so much.

Some people with certain medical conditions have to drink certain fluids.

Next time you put pen to paper, do some homework.

As a certain cartoon character would say, doh.



I THINK the latest restrictions put in place by Nicola Sturgeon are far too severe.

I don’t believe anyone will adhere to them and it’s a waste of time.

Surely schools should have been closed months ago, rather than just deciding on it now.

I will be interested to see how the police deal with the situation on Boxing Day.