Earliest memory of Glasgow? Going on a bus on a Sunday to see my Nanna in Shawlands which seemed miles away when you were wee. There was a piano in her front room. And a telephone! (It was the 1950s).

Glasgow Times:

Describe your house: I was born in the ‘Shaws (Pollokshaws) and when I was about two, we flitted to a new house in Drumoyne. Happy days in the back green, at the swing park, waving to the trains as they passed to go to the coast. We knew one was coming as the wires moved and the signal went up. Going to the plots and watching the old men digging was fun too. We went home with stocks of rhubarb we found.

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What school did you go to? Drumoyne Primary. Our janny used to let me ring the playtime bell. Didn’t much like it, though, when he put salt on the icy slides in the playground. The big school was Govan High. After it burned down one year during the summer holidays, we were farmed out all over. I ended up at Bellahouston Academy.

Glasgow Times:

Favourite local shop? I had a Saturday job in Arnott Simpson, the department store up in the town. That paid for us to go to the dancing on Saturday nights. I was15 and an office junior and I loved it.

Where did you go dancing? Everywhere, and we had record sessions and parties and generally good fun. We are still best friends after 50 years.

Happiest childhood memory: Going to see the Beatles (and a boy took me!) It was fabulous and so, so exciting. Couldn’t hear them, as we were all screaming. Those were the days. I’m in Doncaster now, and I have two good friends here who are also from Glasgow. When we get together it’s ‘all our yesterdays’ and more, I can tell you. I love Glasgow and always will.

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