DRUMCHAPEL Food Bank staff have promised they will “always” find a way to support the community after their most difficult year yet.

The Ladyloan Place food bank has seen demand for its services almost treble since the nationwide lockdown was announced in March.

It’s understood around 100,000 food parcels have been delivered thus far and the Christmas period has only put further strain on the bank’s resources.

Ryan McGeavy, project manager, said: “It’s been very, very intense for us. We’re super, super busy.

“Just this week, we’ve seen about 70 people in one day. In normal circumstances, it would take us from Monday to Thursday to reach that number.

“Christmas is always a busy time but, with the lockdown as well, it’s just been murder. We’re seeing more people than ever.”

With just two official staff members and a team of between 10 and 20 volunteers, team members work around the clock to ensure the ­community, which is one of the most deprived in Glasgow, is fed.

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Thankfully, support for the vital service has also reached an all-time high with local businesses and organisations coming through with donations, such as the Glasgow City Council cleansing department who stepped in with a £500 boost earlier this year.

Speaking at the time GMB trade union convener, Chris Mitchell, said: “It’s an honour to be in ­Drumchapel to support the local food bank.

“I think they do an absolutely phenomenal job supporting communities, especially throughout this Covid-19 pandemic.

“I don’t think any community in Scotland could survive without these people. No family in this day and age should go hungry.”

He added: “These charities need supported. As a trade union we will support every community within Glasgow and in Scotland through this pandemic crisis.

“We are proud to work alongside essential and key workers who are a necessity within communities and help them to thrive.”

Councillor Paul Carey, who represents the area, has praised the organisation for managing to carry on in such strenuous circumstances and urged people to continue their support for the group.

Cllr Carey said: “As the local councillor for Drumchapel, I am amazed at how hard the Drumchapel food bank has worked through this pandemic, particularly at this time of the year.

“Organisations like this are key in supporting and protecting the most vulnerable in society.

“They are a lifeline of many families who depend on them for food.”

As with many charities, while the coronavirus pandemic has seen support rates soar, it has also brought out the generosity of the people of Glasgow.

The volume of monetary donations received means the food bank is set to continue – providing demand doesn’t rise much further for the first quarter of the year.

However, the uncertainty brought about by the ever-changing state of the battle against Covid-19 has meant the team are working diligently to come up with further plans to ensure the longevity of the lifeline food bank.

Ryan said: “It’s probably been our busiest year yet but, also, our most successful in terms of ­donations.

“The monetary donations have set us up for the first quarter of the year but we’ll keep going until someone physically stops us.

“We’ll always find a way to help people in the community.”

To donate visit their Facebook page or pop into unit 9, KCEDG main reception, Ladyloan Place, Drumchapel, G15 8LB.

Cash donations can also be made by contacting the main office on 0141 944 3335.