GLASWEGIANS are being urged to be kinder to the environment by making "wee changes". 

Social enterprise ApparelXChange, based in St Enoch Centre, launched a campaign which will guide people to become environmentally friendly during the festive period.

Founding director Izzie Eriksen said: "We believe no one should be left out when making personal efforts to address the climate crisis, and so we hold affordability and accessibility at the core of all we do.

“We appreciate that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for families and young people and that being a ‘conscious consumer’ doesn’t always feel possible, so we want to encourage and support people to make the wee changes that they can manage.

"Everyone is welcome to make #WeeChanges, and together they’ll make a big difference!”

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Useful tips and hints will be posted on their social media each day. 

Simple changes they are inviting people to take include using recyclable wrapping paper, buying second-hand gifts and bringing a reusable bag when shopping. 

Zero Waste Scotland is also encouraging Scots to start a new, sustainable Christmas tradition that keeps the joy of Christmas without the waste. 

Catherine Bozec, consumer re-use spokesperson for Zero Waste Scotland, said: "There are so many small ways that people in Scotland can cut down on their waste and carbon emissions.

"This can be something as simple as making your own wrapping paper or asking loved ones to buy your gifts second-hand."

Further suggestions on ways to reduce your waste can be found HERE