The Scottish Government spent more than £200,000 on home working equipment for staff during the coronavirus pandemic to fulfil its 'duty of care'.

Since February, workers previously based at Edinburgh HQ St Andrew’s House and other departments were provided with desk chairs, laptops and desks totting up to £181,435.

An additional £26,047 was claimed back by civil servants from the Scottish Government’s coffers, it was revealed through Freedom of Information laws.

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A total of £207,500 was spent to help 7,500 workers do their jobs from home - but the data may not cover the full cost.

In the freedom of information response, an official stated: “The Scottish Government does not have the information in the format you have asked for because some homeworking items were purchased centrally and cannot be broken down by department or individual items.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “As an employer we have a duty of care and a legal obligation to ensure the 7,500 people who work for the Scottish Government can do this safely from home, including staff who have a disability or require specialist equipment.

“Working from home continues to have a positive impact on suppressing coronavirus, reducing the risk of increasing the R-rate, and follows the guidance set out for all offices in Scotland’s Strategic Framework.”