WHETHER you are a Nicola Sturgeon supporter or not, the outrage from some quarters on the First Minister momentarily forgetting to wear her face mask makes me really angry.

Who hasn’t forgotten to reapply/put on their face mask at some point?

Good for you if you’ve never erred, but I’ve done this at

least twice, when getting up to go to the loo in a cafe and a restaurant.

Give this woman a break for goodness sake….and anyone else who makes this brief blunder for that matter.

The extensive coverage of this simple mistake on TV, radio and in the press is crazy.

Judi Martin

Via email

SO Ms Forbes has put

£350 million aside to cover Brexit but unfortunately that means that businesses and people will go bankrupt because that money was for the pandemic.

This is typical of the SNP spend money to further their cause but refuse to spend to help people. How much more has Ms Forbes squirreled away for the SNP rainy day.

Under their governance the NHS Health Boards have

failed Scotland miserably, they haven’t even managed to deliver the flu vaccine but have now been tasked to deliver the covid vaccine.

The only thing this government have managed is to reduce the older population so maybe they will manage to con the rest into voting for the EU, sorry independence, no more Scottish Fisheries or jobs, but Nicola will be President of Nothing as we will be penniless.


Via email

MANY years ago I spoke to the Glasgow Times which ran an article with the headline, ‘Why Can’t we use this building as a Community Centre’.

With that support from ET we managed to get access on a short lease

Over the years, the newspaper has covered a few articles concerning the Phoenix Centre.

We have now secured a

15-year lease withe the

council which will give us security as it will allow us to apply for the funding needed to run the Centre.

Without the

help and support

from the Glasgow Times this wouldn’t have happened and it’s the best Christmas present we could have asked for.

A big thank you to everyone in the Glasgow Times.


Via email