MY sister’s husband has been in hospital for many months, not related to Covid, and she has to send a parcel with clean clothing etc via taxi some miles away which is left at a desk at the entrance to the hospital (‘Invaluable’ volunteers reveal cheeky items family try to pass to patients, December 27).

Regarding the paragraph taking dirty clothing home to be washed, that’s not just patients that do that as staff have also to remove uniform and place it in their own washing machine.

In years gone by we were not allowed to go out and about in uniform and all uniforms were washed at Central laundry – we never had infections linked to that. Yes, there were a few cases of wound infections, but nothing major.

I have not heard from the scientists of anything linked to health care professionals’ dirty washing and would find it interesting to hear what they have to say.

Over to you Prof Jason Leitch – should we be concerned?

Beth Morrison

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ONCE again we have your correspondents Alex Orr and MA spouting nationalist rubbish. Scotland came out of Europe as part of the UK, as did Northern Ireland and Wales. None of those countries were members in their own right.

I voted against joining the

EU in the 70s, and lost that

vote but moved on. This time my vote won so it’s time to move forward.

Name and address supplied

I HAVE to write to say I’m grateful for the exchanges between MA and your other pro and anti Union letter writers. Our city is such a fiercely political one and going into 2021 and Brexit, this debate must be resurfaced. Let’s set the right tone.



A TOTAL of 22,368 homeless applications were still live on December 25 last year and involved 12,467 children and 25,823 adults.

The SNP came to power in Scotland in 2007 but instead of solving or reducing this ongoing and sad problem over the years they instead concentrated on other matters. Prestwick Airport, Ferguson Marine, BiFab, the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital, the Named Persons Scheme, the Hate Crime Bill and many other vanity projects.

The tens of millions wasted on these would have been better spent on building low-cost housing for homeless families and tackling fuel poverty.

Clark Cross

Via email