IN just two days’ time MPs will march back to Westminster to vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and finally have a chance to end the saga that has dogged our politics for four long and tiring years.

I campaigned for Remain, I backed Remain and I voted to Remain but there is something of a tradition in this country called democracy and I accepted back in 2016 that I lost the argument, that people had voted and we must accept their wish to leave.

Since then I have spoken tirelessly for the need to secure a good deal that would protect jobs and livelihoods, cement our friendship and partnership with our European friends and, yes, that would bring back control to our country.

On Christmas Eve, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, delivered that deal, and I for one am supporting him all the way.

The nationalists and Labour both doubted the Prime Minister could do it but once again he has defied the odds and delivered for the country a deal that will make us prosper as a free independent nation once again.

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So I urge all MPs when they get that vote on Wednesday to think seriously about the decisions they make because by voting against this deal you are advocating a No Deal – and is that really the choice you want to make?

We’ve already heard from the SNP that their answer is yes, for them they don’t care about jobs or the economic impact of a No Deal.

They want further division and chaos. Because for them it is about one thing – and that’s furthering their narrow-minded nationalist belief of ripping apart our country, and they don’t care about the costs of doing that.

They certainly don’t care about Scottish fishing communities whose increased quota shares as a result of this deal would be destroyed by the SNP’s plans to rejoin the Common Fisheries Policy.

I am confident that most MPs will back this deal and that come Wednesday we will finally be able to grasp the opportunities that lie ahead.

It’s time politicians stand by their word. As Abraham Lincoln said, democracy is “government of, by and for the people”, and the people have spoken. It’s time to now deliver on their verdict.

I never got involved in politics to debate the constitution. For me, it’s about building a country that is for everyone and offers opportunity for all.

I want to focus on the day-to-day issues that people in Shettleston know affect them: rebuilding our recovery from coronavirus, creating and protecting good jobs, tackling the scandal of our drugs death crisis and on education, not more separation.

As we head into 2021, let’s make it the year when we finally say no more division, no more uncertainty and no more referendums.

I’ll be making the case in the run up to May’s election with my fellow Scottish Conservative candidates as part of Douglas Ross’s team. Don’t let the polls fool you – we have an opportunity, let’s not waste it.