Another 967 people tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday. 

A further 8819 tests reported results, of which 12.2% were positive. 

The Scottish Government has limited the data published over holiday weekends to the number of cases and the positivity rate. 

Figures from the weekend will be published on Tuesday. 

It comes as a health expert warned there will be "a cost" to pay for loosened restrictions over Christmas. 

The president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine has said the NHS will cope with the current spike but NHS staff will need to endure overtime. 

Dr Katherine Henderson told BBC Breakfast: “The chances are that we will cope but we cope at a cost – the cost is not doing what we had hoped, which is being able to keep non-Covid activities going.

“So we will stretch staff, the problem is at the moment we have a lot of staff sickness.”

She continued: “But we will stretch, we will work double shifts, we will pull people in off annual leave, we will have all sorts of people working, so we will cope.

“But what you won’t see is what is overwhelmed, which is the attempt to keep other services going and we just won’t be able to do that, and people don’t see that.

“It is always challenging in winter, nobody would say that it wasn’t, but at the moment the level of patient need is incredibly high and other things stop being able to be done.”