Businesses set to miss one of their busiest days of the year need help to prevent them from "falling through the funding cracks", Scottish Labour warned. 

Level four restrictions that are in place across mainland Scotland have forced Hogmanay celebrations online. 

Labour’s culture and tourism spokeswoman Claire Baker urged the government to support the businesses which may be the hardest hit. 

“Pubs, shops, restaurants and bars have all been impacted by the pandemic. However, not all tourism businesses can simply go online and not everyone can access the internet," she said. 

“Many other smaller businesses depend on physical footfall and passing traffic to keep their businesses afloat, such as stalls, rides and visitor attractions.

“They depend on in-person interaction and are the backbone of our high streets and communities. We cannot risk them falling through the funding cracks.”

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The MSP claimed support funds have been "overwhelmed with applications". 

She added: “The Sottish Government must do more to target relief at smaller, tourist-dependent businesses and provide assurances that support will be made available to them.”

Tourism Secretary Fergus Ewing said: “It’s been a particularly bruising year for our tourism and hospitality sectors. The Covid-19 crisis has shattered previously successful businesses and we are committed to doing everything possible to get them back on their feet.

“We have recently announced a further £104.3 million support package for tourism and hospitality businesses in Scotland.

“We are working closely with industry partners on the Events Industry Advisory Group to support the future of the events sector and to aid the recovery from Covid-19.

“The restrictions, as necessary as they are, continue to have a profound effect and it is fair to say that tourism and hospitality businesses are feeling it more than most.

“Although this year we can’t physically come together, through online events, such as Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, we can show everyone that Scotland is still, and will continue to be, the world-renowned home of Hogmanay.

“Clearly, in light of the enhanced restrictions to control the spread of the virus, we will be undertaking further work on what additional support is needed by businesses, including for the longer term.

“There is a need to move quickly to ensure that we respond to the threat of the virus and that the sector is adequately supported and ready to go again, when the time is right.”