I AM dismayed to see the news that an adviser on Covid to the First Minister has called for schools to be shut once more.

We have been told numerous times that the evidence of transmission in schools is so low as to be considered not a risk Or at least, a risk worth taking to ensure children from the poorest backgrounds are not permanently disadvantaged because some teaching unions would like an extra bit of kip for their members over the winter.

We should be focusing on enforcing self-isolation, rolling out the vaccine as soon as possible and following social distancing.

C.E. Stuart


IT was heart-breaking to read Tom Donaldson’s account of the Ibrox Disaster in Tuesday’s Glasgow Times.

What he saw that day must haunt him for the rest of his life and his words sent a chill down my spine.

To read the coverage ahead of the anniversary has been harrowing. I, for instance, didn’t know about the five boys from the same street in Fife who lost their lives in the tragedy.

Thank you for keeping their memories alive and for sharing the accounts of those who were lucky to survive.

Maxwell Robert


THE stories on the 50th anniversary of the Ibrox disaster are a reminder to everyone just how little regard was paid to the safety of supporters at football matches.

Credit to Rangers who soon after started to rebuild Ibrox as an all-seater stadium. The safety of supporters must always come first.

R Davidson


I WAS shocked to hear that the council is owed £18k in unpaid dog-fouling fines (Revealed: Fines for dog-fouling across Glasgow, December 30).

I think it is disgraceful to not pick up after your dog, but to then be handed a fine and not pay it is even worse.

These people must be held accountable for the mess of our streets. I live in Dennistoun which was the area that was given the most fines and I come across dog poo every day.

The dog owners who are messing up our streets need to get their act together, especially those who pick up the poo then leave the bag lying.

Name and address supplied