A FATHER has made an impassioned final plea for help in his bed to fix up a derelict East End home – so he can finally live with his son. 

Stuart Coll has endured nearly 15 years of hell in his bid to transform the Springboig property and spent thousands from his own pocket to make it suitable for his wheelchair. 

The 43-year-old previously appealed to Glaswegians but has so far failed to coin in enough cash, meaning he is still living at home with his mum while separated from girlfriend Margaret and eight-year-old Lewis. 

Glasgow Times:

Now, he’s making a last ditch attempt to rein in support and raise the £20,000 needed to turn his dreams into reality. 

“Every time I feel as if I am getting positive about it,” Stuart said. “It then just deals another blow with lack of funding or something else happens.

“It’s been ups and downs and almost like a roller coaster. Sometimes we go up and things seem to be happening, then all of a sudden we are back down again.” 

Stuart’s property dreams quickly turned into a nightmare when in 2011, shortly before Lewis was born, the home was destroyed by vandals who broke into the house on three consecutive nights. 

This led to three years of hell for Stuart as he battled with his insurance provider for compensation. Eventually, they settled when he took legal action, but he only received half of the costs. He’s also been conned out of thousands by bogus workmen. 

“We had hoped to be in for Christmas so I could spend my first one with Lewis but we just hope now we can do it by February or maybe even March,” said Stuart. 

“It would mean the world to me to be able to do this. 

“It has been nice as I’ve put my story into some local social media groups and we have had some nice feedback and comments from people, maybe two streets over, who know the house and it’s history.

Glasgow Times:

“They are just glad to see something being done in it.

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“Lewis is always asking me if it is done and ready. I just hope one day it will be.It’s been difficult not being there for the moments as he grows up.” 

Work on the property is due to be carried out by Gary Kerr, a Dunfermline-based builder who previously renovated the bungalow for former Taggart star Ian Colquhoun. The actor had to have both legs amputated after being left for dead in a pickaxe attack.

Mr Kerr said: “This is a last throw of the dice. We are hoping to make people more aware of what is going on here and bring society together in one last push. This was an eyesore building and the transformation has been unbelievable. We just need some help to get the campaign over the line.” 

To donate to Stuart’s appeal, visit his JustGiving page