The licence for a temporary hospital based in Glasgow's Scottish Event Campus (SEC) could be extended this year.

NHS Louisa Jordan was built in April 2020, but has yet to treat any Covid-19 patients. 

The Scottish Government confirmed there were no plans to decommission the hospital at the time being, Radio Clyde reports.

Glasgow Times:

Since the start of July, the hospital has been used for orthopaedic and plastic surgery outpatient consultations. 

It was initially due to be decommissioned by the end of April 2021 but this may be pushed back until July of this year. 

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In the past few days, coronavirus cases have spiked with 2,539. 

Glasgow Times:

A Scottish Government spokesperson told Radio Clyde: "The NHS Louisa Jordan, which has not been required to treat COVID-19 patients as we have been able to retain capacity in NHS Scotland thanks to continued collective effort to tackle this pandemic, continues to play a vital role in NHS re-mobilisation plans.

"There are no immediate plans to decommission the site and as we have made clear throughout the pandemic, we will retain the facility to ensure we have capacity to treat COVID patients if required and remobilise NHS Scotland."