These incredible pictures show a rare ‘candy floss’ like ice formation captured by an eagled-eye walker during the cold snap.

The phenomenon, known as hair ice, only occurs when there is the presence of a particular fungus in rotting wood, which causes thin strands of ice to emerge.

Glasgow Times:

Amateur photographer Harley Mathieson, 51, was delighted to catch a glimpse of silky hair-like ice, at Calderglen Country Park, in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

Harley said: “It looked like someone had stuck cotton wool around the woods but there was no other frost about, just this strange ghost like ice.

“It looks and feels like candy floss and when you pick some off the wood it melts away as soon as it hits your hand.

“I was delighted I was able to take some pictures of it when the sunlight was just perfect – it was great.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

“The hair ice forms just below zero degrees and the air has to almost be humid, it needs very particular conditions.

“It’s very rare and is only found it temperate woodlands with particular fungus.”

Dad-of-two Harley, from East Kilbride, is studying wildlife and conservation management after being made redundant from the travel industry last year.

He said he wouldn’t have noticed the rare formation on Christmas Eve had it not been for his recent studies.

Harley added: “It’s funny because I don’t think I would have taken much notice but because of my course I have been looking for interesting stuff when I’m out and about.

“I think before I would have just though it was just some frost in the woods and walked off.”