NEVER order on a hungry stomach. A bit of a stupid thing to say when you know you're going to order a takeaway because you are famished.

But I find that when I have extreme hunger pangs I tend to over order then I am washed with guilt over all the waste - and the calories.

This was certainly the case when I decided to give American style eatery Hoagies a go. It was huge portions galore particularly because I let my eyes rule my belly.

The Mount Florida diner has been on my radar for quite some time thanks to enticing posts on Instagram making me drool over their food.

Glasgow Times:

Famed for the hoagie - a sandwich in the same style as Subway - the venue is listed on Just Eat which is how I placed my order.

Pizzas, burgers, macs, nachos, fries, and of course hoagies are just some of the menu options.

Glasgow Times:


I decided I was in the mood for a burger and choose the original style patty which came with smoked bacon.

My other half went for the Big Durty Hoagie which comes with pulled beef and chicken, coleslaw, double cheese, jalapenos and hot sauce.

We both made our first mistake by adding on fries thinking it would be a small portion on the side.

But the portions that arrived could have easily fed a family of four.

Calorie guilt aside, the burger was delicious, it had that smoked flamed grill flavour and stood out despite its simplicity. My partner also devoured the hoagie which met more than his expectation of 'just a sandwich'.

Glasgow Times:

Despite me moaning about portion sizes, I also shamefully ordered fried pickles and onion rings which came with a dip. Both were delicious and boosted my opinion of Hoagies. While my partner tucked into the giant prawn popcorn which he described as tasty.

In a normal non-lockdown world, Hoagies is also a restaurant, and having sampled their take-away I know for sure I will be booking a table for when the restrictions lift. But maybe I will restrain myself from over ordering this time. 


Hoagies, 1102 Cathcart Road, Mount Florida.

Type of Food American Price Onion Rings £3.50 Fried Pickles £3 Giant Prawn Popcorn £6 Original burger £5 Bacon £1 Fries £2.50 The Big Durty Hoagie £7 Fries £2.50 Service charge 50p Delivery £3 Total: £34 Delivery Time 25 minutes Rating ****