GLASGOW’S streets have been turned into a “warzone” filled with litter and rats, a union has warned.

GMB’s branch 40 is set to launch its Streets of Shame campaign next month in response to “horrendous” cuts to the Glasgow City Council cleansing department.

Staff claim they are struggling to cope with the masses of litter being dumped across the city’s street, which attracts vermin.

While the closure of the council’s bulk uplift service amid coronavirus restrictions for the majority of last year has only heightened problems for bin teams.

Chris Mitchell, the union’s branch convenor, said: “GMB Branch 40 is demanding Glasgow City Council to put a stop to the horrendous cuts in the street cleansing budget which is turning Glasgow into a warzone of litter, leaving the existing workforce fighting fire with fire in a bid to clean up the city.

“Cuts in road sweepers leaving and not being replaced, cuts in mechanical road sweepers from 29 to 23, and an ageing fleet means its becoming increasingly dangerous in health and safety for the workforce and the public.

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“The cuts have been in place for the last six years and it looks like we are at a point of no return. We must stand together as workers and the public because we care about this city.”

It comes just months after a report revealed Glasgow had the fourth highest population of rats in the United Kingdom.

The city is believed to house around 1.3million of the creatures.

Drumchapel’s Councillor Paul Carey said: “Wards like mine have suffered over the last few years because of the cuts inflicted on the cleansing, roads and parks by this before the pandemic.

“Cuts in machinery and cuts in resource when, at the same time, we have budgets that are under spent.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said it was "no secret" budgets were under pressure but it sought to use available resources to ensure "effective services" were provided.

He said: “Ensuring there is a constructive relationship with trades unions that is built upon a shared commitment to delivering best value for the city is a vital part of providing effective services.

“Unfortunately littering and fly-tipping are national issues that are equally evident in Glasgow.

“The sad fact is that far too many people dump their rubbish in public places without regard to the impact on the environment or the cost of clearing up the mess they leave behind.

“Every year huge sums are spent on clearing and disposing of litter and fly-tipping that could easily be better used elsewhere.

He added: “If the GMB are truly committed to making Glasgow a better place then we urge them to join with us and challenge the behaviour that leads to millions of tax payer pounds being needlessly used to sort out litter and fly-tipping.

“Ensuring public money is not wasted chasing after people who fail dispose of their rubbish appropriately will help to protect the jobs and services we know the GMB do care about. “