More than 100,000 people have been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

The First Minister said that up to last Sunday there had been 113,459 vacinations carried out in Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon said health authroties were halfway through the vacination programme in care homes.

The latest deaths figures over the last week showed there had been another 183 and that more than one third took place in care homes.

She said that the programme to vaccinate everyone over the age of 80 was also underway and that the aim was to vacccinate all in that group within four weeks.

She said that from next week there would be 1100 vaccination sites operational and more would be indentified as the programme increases.

The latest satistics showed another 2649 positive tested cases in Scotland.

There were 660 in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.

There were 1467 people in hospita,l an increase of 83, and 100 in intensive care, an increase of 5.

Ms Sturgeon said the numbers in hospital were now at the same level as they were in the peak last April but the number in intensive care was lower.

However, she said there was pressure on the NHS and that intensive care capacity overall was above normal capacity.