THOUSANDS of Glaswegians have volunteered for Covid-19 vaccine studies, it has been revealed. 

Official data shows 3,245 people from the city signed up to trials being held across the country. Of those, NHS Digital statistics show half were aged between 18 and 39 while a third were in their forties and fifties. 

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Across Scotland as a whole, 29,500 people had stepped forward by Thursday morning, as the UK-wide army of volunteers reached 379,000.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said during her daily briefing today: "Vaccination ultimately is what will provide us with a route out of this pandemic.

Glasgow Times: Nicola Sturgeon

"So, we are absolutely determined to ensure that as many people as possible are vaccinated just as quickly as it is possible to do so." 

Across Central Scotland, scores of people have joined Glaswegians in signing up for the trials. This includes 2720 in Lanarkshire, 1420 in Renfrewshire, and 910 in Inverclyde. 

The revelation comes on the day it was revealed more than 110,000 people in Scotland had received their first vaccination as of Sunday, although this only encompasses those who were given the Pfizer vaccine. 

Figures on the number of people vaccinated against Covid-19 will now be published daily by the Scottish Government, which has also passed the halfway mark in immunising residents in care homes. 

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"That is extremely important as more than a third of people who died from Covid last week died in our care homes,” Ms Sturgeon added. 

“We very much hope that the vaccine will very soon start to significantly reduce the risk of care home residents becoming ill with the virus.”