A councillor has been ‘sacked’ for failing to turn up at meetings.

Tony Curtis, Independent councillor for Partick East/Kelvindale, breached the rules on the number of meetings that councillors must attend to keep their position.

It was discovered that the former Conservative councillor had not been at a council meeting for more than six months.

Glasgow Times:

The rules for councillors state they must attend at least once in a six-month period or they lose their position.

Despite only having to log in from home to any one of six meetings over the period, as committees were held via video, the former councillor failed to attend on each occassion.

When he did not attend the Full Council meeting, on December 10, it took him over the six-month absence period and automatically triggered the sanction.

He ceased to be a councillor on December 23, last year.

It is believed to be the first time a councillor in Glasgow has lost their seat for failing to turn up at meetings.

Mr Curtis left the Conservative Party in July last year after he was unhappy at support for businesses and gyms having to close during the lockdown. He has not been seen at any council meetings since.

Mr Curtis owns Ominfunctional Fitness, a gym business in Glasgow.

At the time, he said: “There has been no leadership in an area I wanted represented in. Why would I represent a party that wouldn’t represent me?”

Mr Curtis was elected to the council in 2017, one of eight Tories, when they increased their number from just one.

Glasgow Times:

Under the rules of the 1973 Local Government Act, councillors lose their position if they don’t attend at least once in six months.

Mr Curtis was a member of the Partick East/Kelvindale partnership for his ward and was required to attend Full Council.

Over the six-month period there were full council meetings held by video conference in July, September, October and December last year that he failed to attend.

He also missed the Partick East/Kelvindale area partnership meeting in November.

The council said it has in the past decided to approve a member’s absence for more than six months. During the 2007-2012 council members approved the absence of a councillor who was unwell and unable to attend.

It means there will be a by election, in the ward but no date has been set. It is expected council will wait for it to take place in May on the same day as the Scottish Parliament elections, if they go ahead as planned.

Annemarie O’Donnell, Returning Officer, said: “If you live in Partick East and Kelvindale there is still time for you to register to vote and to register to vote by post in this by election.

“The Scottish Parliament elections will be held in May and this is a perfect opportunity to make sure your voice will be heard.”

The Glasgow Times has attempted to contact Mr Curtis.