Nicola Sturgeon said she is"disappoined and frustrated" that she is again having to talk about football clubs and Covid rules, after Celtic confirmed a player has tested positive for Coronavirus.

The First Minister said that she has doubts about how essential it was for Celtic to go on their winter training camp in the Dubai this month.

She also said there were concerns over social distancing during the trip.

Ms Sturgeon said she hopes Celtic and football authorities reflect on their actions.

"I'm not talking in terms of revoking privileges."

She added: "We don't want to take punitive action that punishes the whole of football because of one episode."

She Celtic take a different view about the esential nature of the trip to her.

Ms Sturgeon added: "We want to limit the possibility of strains in other countries coming into the country.

"We will be looking at whether the exemptions from quarantine for elite sports have to be tightened up."