SHE can count on Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and Kenny Rogers for company and her debut single has proven a smash hit. 

But, it all began on the steps of Mount Vernon Park for Mayah Herlihy. 

The teenager has soared to the top of the country charts on iTunes and Amazon with her song On My Way, which was released on Friday. 

Written during lockdown, the ballad was inspired by the 14-year-old’s experience of life in a pandemic and her hopes for the future. 

Glasgow Times: Mayah pipped the likes of Dolly Parton to top the country music charts Mayah pipped the likes of Dolly Parton to top the country music charts

And when it came to shooting the song’s cover, she only ever had her grandparents, Ronnie and Josephine McKenna, and their Carrick Drive home in mind. 

“Mayah needed artwork and she knew right away where she wanted to have it taken,” said her mum Joanne, 42. “We spent a couple of hours there, the park was mobbed, and everyone kept coming over to ask what we were doing. They were all so lovely.”

While the family now lives in Carfin, Motherwell, following a number of years in Peterhead – where Mayah won Peterhead’s Got Talent at the age of nine – the East End has played its part in the teenager’s journey to the top. 

“She has been singing and playing guitar for around two years now,” Joanne, who is also mum to Brandon, 8, and one-year-old Bonnie, said. “We just moved down from Peterhead but I am from Mount Vernon and her grandparents still stay there. She’s known the area and the park her whole life.

“I had booked a studio session just to see what it would be like for her to go in and record the song she’d written in lockdown.

“She went to Main St. Studios in Coatbridge and they were blow away by her. They couldn’t believe how she was able to go in and do her thing.

“They couldn’t believe a 14-year-old girl could write a song this good and they asked her to sign with them. It’s all taken off from there. 

“It’s kinda strange as everything has come full circle with the album artwork being taken where I grew up.” 

The song isn’t the only time Mayah has shown off her talents to the city, having become a frequent fixture at the Amethyst, in Govan, and King Tut’s before lockdown. 

“We know she is talented and she is an amazing songwriter and so good on guitar,” Joanne, who is married to Martin, added. 

“We always knew she was going to do something. 

“She loves being on stage and performing. She’s born to do it.

“Lockdown was hard and she did feel like giving it up.

“She wanted to give it up but thankfully she hasn’t. She had a word with herself and said: ‘naw, I’m doing this’. 

Glasgow Times: The teenager has already played at iconic Glasgow venue King Tut's The teenager has already played at iconic Glasgow venue King Tut's

“The song is all about Mayah not giving up and moving forward.” 

While Mayah’s talent has come as no surprise to her family, it turned out to be a pleasant one for her Brannock High classmates. 

Joanne added: “Nobody knew at her school knew she could sing or play guitar! 

“But when the song was put on Facebook and everyone saw it they were so impressed. 

“When you are that age you are a bit afraid of being judged, but it’s been the opposite and everyone has been so supportive.

“She is just so thankful to everyone for their help.” 

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