I NOTE the council proposing to raise council tax. 

I am sure many citizens of Glasgow will agree with that, with green bins and blue bins not being emptied.

The council’s stupid idea of introducing a charge for bulk, grit bins not being filled, streets full of litter and graffiti everywhere, lights and potholes not being 

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There isn’t really a minimal service being provided. 

I don’t see George Square with fly-tipping on every corner – litter and graffiti everywhere. 

Residents of Glasgow should be given a refund on their council tax for the lack of service they receive.

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Readers had lots to say on our story online yesterday 
that key Covid advisers had warned that rules ‘may need to last another 12 weeks’.

Here’s a selection of comments...

LOCKDOWN should only be in place as long as needed no longer. 

The country needs to get back up and running as soon a possible.

Helen Finlay McManus
Via Facebook

IT should be extended until it is safe for the elderly and vulnerable to be safe. Simples.

Gordie Ratcliffe
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IT’S amazing that the majority supporting full lockdown for the foreseeable are either semi or fully retired.

There needs to be viable options now for those whose businesses and jobs are at risk... can’t keep continuing like this.

Chris Muñoz
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I THINK that if everyone went by the rules it wouldn’t be necessary. 

However, I don’t believe everyone is complying, which is the reason that we aren’t able to control the virus, hence the possible extension. 

So, yes if necessary we should be extending lockdown. 

Believe me I don’t say this lightly, as I’m more or less a prisoner in my own home.

Donna Monk
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AIRPORTS need to shut. It’s pointless as people are coming in and out of the country.

Ann Reilly
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TOO many people are taking their own lives, too many people losing jobs or being furloughed. 

Most people are wearing masks in shops etc, sticking by guidelines, but still cases rise. 

Schools, nurseries, pubs, shops all closed. So why is it still spreading like wildfire? Airports still open for people to come in and out? 

Make it a full lockdown and not part lockdown. Everything closes.

Kelly McGonigle
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