Ally McCoist has claimed that the SFA have shown "double standards" over their handling on Celtic's trip to Dubai.

The Hoops returned a positive coronavirus test following their training camp and as a result 13 players now have to self-isolate along with three members of staff.

McCoist admits he has been shocked by the whole episode, but he insists that the SFA have not dealt with the situation correctly.

He told talkSPORT: "Honest to God, it's carnage. It's chaos. Absolute chaos. Celtic are all over the place, 13 players, three coaches staff self-isolating.

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"Nicola Sturgeon is having a go at them saying it's not right. Ian Maxwell from the SFA came out and for some reason tried to defend it, which was horrendous to listen to.

"The whole thing is carnage. They've completely and utterly shot themselves in the foot by going ahead with this trip. I don't know for the life of me who thought it would be a good idea at this time.

"They go there normally and I absolutely get it. Training in a bit of sun at that time of the year and that's the normal thing to do but anybody with any common sense would look at the situation round about and just say, 'No, we need to pull the plug on this, we need to pull the plug'.

"I heard Andy Walker last night, big Celtic man and he spoke brilliantly on TV with real passion and emotion in his voice. I think he spoke for a lot of Celtic supporters, if not the majority of them. I thought he was great, just saying how disappointed he was in the whole thing.

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"Andy and I did the co-comms for the Rangers Celtic game at Ibrox. Celtic played well, Rangers won the game 1-0. Final whistle blew and we looked at each other and we both said, 'Could you imagine being on that plane to Dubai in two hours right now?'.

"It was the worst thing ever to think about. It's thrown the whole thing into chaos. The First Minister has got involved, she is livid, absolutely livid. You can see it in her face when she's talking and she's right, the last thing she wants to do when all this is going on is to be on talking about football and football clubs doing things they shouldn't.

"There's an element of Celtic people hiding behind the fact of 'Well the Government allowed us to do it, the SFA allowed us to do it'.

"You know something, it doesn't matter whether they allowed you to do it, it was the wrong thing to do. Simple as that.

"I thought the SFA let themselves down as well yesterday.

"People can't visit families. grandparents haven't seen their grandchildren for a long, long time and someone thinks it's a good idea to go?

"Then they go over, and the first thing that happens - as you'd expect - is photographs of them come out sitting at the pool drinking beer.

"I don't know what the SFA are going to do, the SFA have come out and said there's no case to answer, they didn't do anything wrong.

"But earlier on in the season they've banned Aberdeen players for doing the same thing. They've banned St Mirren or Kilmarnock players for sitting next to each other on the bus? The double standards. It's just a shambles to tell you the truth."