A JEALOUS teenager who caused £8000 of damage to his lover’s parents' house in a fit of rage avoided jail today.

The 17-year-old boy also brandished the knife at his girlfriend, 16, at the property in Glasgow’s Drumchapel in July this year.

The teen had broken furniture and smeared blood on surfaces during the horror event.

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The thug had also beaten up Youde Chen, 18, who came to the girl’s aid a month earlier.

The teenager pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to engaging in a course of abuse towards the girl.

He also admitted breaching two bail orders as well as obstructing and hindering police officers.

Sheriff Ian Fleming ordered the boy to do 225 hours of unpaid work and tagged him for six months keeping him indoors between 8pm and 6am.

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He was also put under supervision for two years and must adhere to a two-year non-harassment order restricting contact with the girl.

The court heard the girl had to cancel an invite given to Mr Chen to attend her partner’s house in June after he became “jealous.”

Prosecutor Hannah Terrance added: “He began showing and swearing at her.”

Mr Chen appeared at the property as the girl was “upset” but was confronted by the boy.

Miss Terrance said: “The accused punched Mr Chen three or four times to the face before struggling with him to the ground.”

The fight was broken up by two men but the teenager later tracked Mr Chen and punched him again multiple times.

The victim was left with swelling to his face and was spitting blood following the attack.

The hearing was told the teen attended the girl’s home in July when she was along and began drinking whiskey.

He refused to stop and he became angry and was unable to calm down.

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Miss Terrance said: “He threw items of furniture causing it to break and threw a television causing damage to it and other in the room.”

A 999 call was made as the teen returned from the kitchen with a knife and brandished it at the girl.

He stated: “You are so f***ing lucky” while the girl “feared for her life.”

The teen threw the knife at a door which caused the blade to break and the girl locked herself inside the bathroom.

The court heard the teen smeared blood from a small finger cut over surfaces inside the property.

Miss Terrance added: “At the time of the matter, the estimated cost of damage was £8000.”