GOOD to see some supermarkets trying to enforce the wearing of face coverings but why can’t they simply employ security personnel at the entrance who could stop people at source?

Pubs and clubs have employed security staff for years to stop people who are the worse for wear from entering their premises.



CELTIC FC have said they had permission to travel but that was given in November, they travelled in January.

Scotland banned travel but Celtic decided to ignore that and go for a drink calling it training. It makes us look very stupid, people follow the rules but money is exempt it seems.

SFA will do absolutely nothing as usual as they are suffering from stupidity, caused by being imbeciles, in my view.

Maybe Police Scotland could investigate.


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NICOLA Sturgeon’s claim that our vaccination roll-out is better than anywhere else in Europe is simply not true.

From January 14 my age group (over 75) who live at home in France will be eligible to book a vaccination appointment, either by phone or online.

These appointments will then take place in-person at one of the various vaccination centers.

Currently, these are only open to health professionals aged 50 and over – people in elderly care homes have already been vaccinated.Appointments will begin with either an interview or a questionnaire, to ensure queries about safety and side-effects are answered after which the vaccination will take place.

As a further safe measure patients (if they want) can remain at the centre for 15 minutes.

Some three-to-six weeks later the patient will be invited to receive a second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

How can the French make it so simple and transparent while our politicians hide behind a load of obfuscation and xenophobic propaganda?

Dr John Cameron

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WE should do a total lockdown for three or four weeks in this country!

Everywhere except chemists, local corner shops and supermarkets.

Everyone stays in the house.

Get it done once and for all.

Terry Gilmour

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