ONLY 13 days into 2021 and I’ve already had what I think will be my hire of the year.

Last Thursday afternoon.

Picking up in Kelvindale.

Going to Hyndland – wait and return.

In normal times, a nice job. In current circumstances, these feel like a lottery win!

Anyway, I’m there in plenty time and quite quickly

I am joined by an elderly couple after they safely make their way down the icy-in-parts garden path.

Confirmation of the destination address enlightens me that they are on their way to their local GP surgery.

Further discussion, in the three to four minutes the journey took, tells me they are going for the first dose of their Covid vaccinations.

Turns out they only got the call that morning – after a short panic about how to get there, they turned to Glasgow Taxis as they knew all our taxis are separated, sanitised and safe (that ad campaign must be working!).

For the entirety of both journeys I don’t leave my seat, they are wearing masks and we are safely distant – separated by the partition which all Glasgow taxis have.

I would have expected them to be nervous – but they are excited and upbeat as they head inside.

They wanted the peace of mind of knowing I was going to wait outside and take them home, however long that took and however much it would cost.

Turns out I saw them again inside five minutes – that’s one GP surgery which has nailed the process quickly!

I mentioned the term lottery win earlier – that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the expressions on this lovely couple’s faces when they reemerged to get back in the cab and go home.

It was a genuine pleasure to play a small part in helping them finish the day feeling safer and happier than they started it.

The £12 fare was topped up to £15 which the gentleman said was the best £15 he had ever spent.

The overriding message from me, on behalf of my fellow drivers, is we are here to help you get safely to your vaccination appointment – and back home – if you need us.

As for the couple last week, they were going home to watch an old, classic movie.

As for me, this was a fare to remember!

Stay safe.