Warning: Do not enter derelict buildings.

AN urban explorer group has uncovered what lies inside two Glasgow schools that were shut down more than a decade ago.

In a new video posted to YouTube, photos of derelict schools across the city can be seen following Urbandoned’s trip to Glasgow in the summer of 2020.

Glasgow Times: Sir John Maxwell SchoolSir John Maxwell School

But the team of four explorers also showed their subscribers what it is like inside two of the “abandoned schools” – the former St James’ Primary School and the former Golfhill Public School.

In narration during the 18-minute clip, the explorers say: “Finally, we arrived at the imposing St James’ Primary School that was built in 1895.

Glasgow Times: St James' Primary SchoolSt James' Primary School

“It appeared especially surreal due to light from the skylight being the only natural source let into the building, with every other window boarded.

“The deterioration in the building is some of the worst we have ever seen, making many rooms inaccessible.

“We decided to stick to the concrete staircases, doorways and balcony as it seemed safest.

Glasgow Times: St James' Primary SchoolSt James' Primary School

“Two identical ornate staircases carried students to higher floors. With little furniture inside, some of the friendly wall art was our best glimpse into the past.

“St James’ closed in 2009, but was B-listed in the early 90s, due to its fine stonework detailing.”

The explorers filmed the school’s hallways, staircases, classrooms, and the canteen which still had signs detailing lunch options available to pupils.

Glasgow Times: St James' Primary SchoolSt James' Primary School

The voiceover went on to say: “At the top floor, we were overwhelmed by some of the craziest natural decay we have come across. Beneath the Greek styled skylight, the floor was mossy, and a huge bush had developed over time.

“Plans are out there suggesting the refurbishment of the school into a learning environment.

“It would feature 12 teaching spaces, a three-court sports hall and a drama room with a stage.”

Glasgow Times: St James' Primary SchoolSt James' Primary School

Glasgow City Council confirmed that St James’ Primary School is not abandoned and that plans are in place to extend and refurbish the building for the fourth Gaelic Medium primary school in the city.

A spokeswoman added: “Entering derelict buildings is very dangerous and for their own safety, we would like to ask people not to copy what this group has done.

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“Glasgow has recently adopted a heritage asset plan in which we are committed to looking after our heritage estate in a different and more pro-active way, but the fact remains that finding sustainable uses for these buildings and finding the budget to refurbish and maintain these buildings is a huge challenge.”

After gaining access to Golfhill Public School, the explorers made their way inside but set off an alarm.

Glasgow Times: Golfhill Public SchoolGolfhill Public School

They said: “Located in a residential area, the three-storey property, that closed in the early 2000s, towers over its surrounding homes. Built in 1902 with red sandstone brick, it is a good example of a School Board structure.

“The difference we noticed instantly was the lack of boarding on the outside, except for the bottom floor. This would mean that we would hardly need torches in Golfhill and could enjoy the building with natural lighting.

Glasgow Times: Golfhill Public SchoolGolfhill Public School

“Upon entering, we triggered a motion sensor. This at least shows that somebody is caring for the property as they arrived shortly after we had vacated the school.

“It definitely felt as if some construction work was going on inside Golfhill, as we could find building materials.

Glasgow Times: Golfhill Public SchoolGolfhill Public School

“The building is also categorised as one with restoration in progress on the Buildings at Risk register. Compared to St James’ Primary School, this one was in a much better condition although still falling apart in places.

“Plans are under way to convert the exceptional structure into housing, with the development team expressing how important it is to them to protect some of the rarer details such as the school’s towers and façade. It would be an incredible job if successful.

Glasgow Times: Golfhill Public SchoolGolfhill Public School

“With correct concerns that someone would be entering the structure soon to assess the alarm, we decided to exit the building whilst still alone.”

To watch the video, click here.

Warning: Do not enter derelict buildings.