AMIDST all the doom and gloom in the news at the moment, it made me laugh to see pictures in the Glasgow Times of a gentleman in a kilt paddle-boarding down the Clyde.

Safety issues aside (don’t try this at home) he deserves a round of applause for braving the chilly weather and opting for an eco-friendly method of transport.

Well done, that man – you made us all smile on a gloomy Glasgow day.

Jenny Wilson


IT’S nice to hear Beth Clyde is now in remission.

I remember her story well and was very impressed to hear she graduated from her university course while undergoing cancer treatment.

What a nice start to 2021 hearing she is doing well. Good luck, Beth!

R Mulligan


IT’S great to see new homes being built in Easterhouse, god knows the place needs them. But I do worry about this phrase “affordable rent” in the story.

We often hear that and its even more slippery cousin “mid-market” with new-build homes, often used to cover up rents and mortgages sadly outwith the means of many working-class people. Let’s hope these are actually affordable and not just a marketing buzzword.

Keir McLennan


I THINK renaming Maryhill Library after former MP Maria Fyfe, right, would be a very fitting tribute indeed. I attended her constituency office, which was situated in the library, a number of times and it would be nice to see her honoured in this way.

I will certainly be signing the petition and I encourage anyone else who agrees to do so.

R McMillan

Via email

I WAS very concerned to read about the closure of the post office in Garthamlock.

My elderly mother collects her pension and pays her bills here as it’s very handy for her.

Now she will have to use public transport to get to Cranhill or Ruchazie despite the guidelines telling us not to unless it’s essential. I hope new owners can be found soon.

Linda Morrison

Via email

IT was with great pride that I read Rangers fans have broken the £1 million fundraising mark for Erskine.

What a fantastic achievement by supporters from all over the world.

Erskine is a terrific charity and long may their work continue.

Maxwell Robert

Via email