IT has been a launchpad for some of Glasgow’s most well respected names in the music industry.

And now those famous artists are using their voices to try to save Carlton Studios, one of the city’s longest surviving music studios.

If bosses can’t raise £30,000 to cover expenses then, they say, the influential venue will be forced to close its doors for good.

The music centre, on Carlton Place, has suffered the effects of being closed due to the pandemic.

Carlton Studios has provided a crucial service to many local artists on their way to stardom, including The Fratellis, Biffy Clyro, Franz Ferdinand, and Turner Prize winner Duncan Campbell.

 The Musician’s Union has declared it an “institution” in the Glasgow music scene.

And artists who have offered support include Mince Fratelli, Larry Love of The Alabama 3, Kenny Hyslop, the original drummer with Simple Minds and Slik, and Mary Kiani.  

Marianne McGregor, winner of the Rising Star Scottish Jazz Award 2019, is just one artist whose career took root at Carlton Studios.

She said: “From teenage bands learning their first covers, classical musicians taking a few hours for solitary practice, or kids and adults attending drum lessons and rocking out… it’s great to see a place that doesn’t have any attitude towards who you are or what music you make or at what level.

“The encouragement towards young musicians and those starting out is phenomenal.”

Marianne became associated with Carlton Studios seven years ago, rehearsing with her college band.

She added: “A lot of the success I have achieved is down to the supportive and encouraging attitude of the studio and its people.

“Not only a well-priced and friendly place to rehearse or record tunes, this establishment is also a hub of creativity, enterprise and an authentic space where all art is celebrated.”

 Mince, drummer with The Fratellis, has been using the studio since 2002.

He said: “I fell in love with the place – the rooms sound really lively, like a gig. 

“With The Fratellis, in 2004, this is where we got our act together and learned all the tunes.

“They’ve made a studio for musicians and they care about the bands… it’s the personal touch that makes the place so amazing.”

 And the support has come in from artists overseas as well.

Kenny Hyslop, original drummer with Simple Minds, who is now living in the Philippines, said: ““When I gave up touring in the late 90s, the Carlton team suggested I start teaching drums.

“With their help and support, it built up to a successful business.

“I’m eternally grateful to them for that.”

Larry Love of band The Alabama 3 added: “When The Alabama 3 come to Glasgow there’s only one place we go to, it’s called Carlton Studios.

“Now people, rob some banks, dig deep, give thanks… and help keep Carlton Studios alive.”

The venue has set up a Crowdfunder to help raise cash at:

So far, around £7,500 has already been raised of a £30,000 total.