DRUMCHAPEL residents have blasted “deplorable” anti-coronavirus graffiti.

The scrawls, which have appeared along Drumchapel Shopping Centre and near the area’s park, state there is “no covid” and urge residents to “wake up”.

Social media users urged Glasgow City Council to remove the vandalism as a matter of urgency as it’s “offensive” and “disgraceful” to medical staff battling to save lives amid the pandemic.

One wrote: “It’s insulting to NHS doctors and nurses.”

It’s understood similar graffiti has been spotted at the Post Office wall on Hecla Avenue.

The area’s councillors were quick to condemn the scribbles, which sprawled across 200metres.

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Councillor Paul Carey said: “This is an absolute disgrace and an insult to the NHS and to every family that has suffered from this terriblevius.

“I very much hope that the person or persons that are responsible for this takes a long hard look at themselves.

“I want to make this crystal clear this kind of behaviour is totally irresponsible and I would urge those responsible to stop as this message sends out false information and could cost lives. “

While Cllr Elspeth Kerr added: “This graffiti is deplorable.

“If the people who have painted this in our community are lucky enough that they have not been affected by the impact of losing family and friends, or seeing them suffer, then they are in the minority and I hope they never have to feel the loss that so many people now have.”

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A council spokeswoman said: “This was brought to our attention and yesterday staff removed 200m of graffiti from in and around the Drumchapel shopping centre.

“It beggars belief that there are individuals out there intent not only on upsetting those who have been ill or who have lost loved ones to Covid-19 – but putting everyone else at risk, including those working around the clock to fight the virus.

“The fact so many people across the world have been affected by Covid-19 is proof enough of how real this pandemic is. We urge residents to continue to follow the guidance and help keep everyone safe.”