Celtic were plunged into Covid-19 chaos after Christopher Jullien sat in two different seats on a bus journey, according to reports.

The Frenchman was struck down with the virus causing 13 other close contacts to self-isolate following their Dubai trip. News then followed this week that one more Hoops ace, who had been isolating, has now caught the bug.

Boss Neil Lennon came out firing in his first press conference since returning to Glasgow and claimed the players and staff had adhered to all protocols during their break. But according to the Daily Record, an investigation showed that Jullien had sat on 'at least' two different seats during journeys.

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Lennon was livid with the criticism over their training camp and insisted there was an 'agenda' against the club who had been held at a higher standard that other Premiership sides. He pointed to the likes of Hamilton and St Johnstone over alleged breaks, but both clubs fired back in statements.

The manager also claimed the government had 'moved the goalposts' during his furious tirade. He said: "On the plane it was the guys that were closest to them. So all of a sudden it was two rows back, two rows forward, two rows to the side.

“We were under the impression that with business class seats the distance from two seats back was pretty safe.

“And some lads had to isolate because they were on buses with Christopher. This is where I’m confused because all clubs in Scotland have been travelling up and down the country in two buses.

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“With these guidelines that we’re now having to adhere to it means that only three players can travel on a 52-seater bus.

“So when we played Hibs last Monday we had to bus six players on two 52-seater buses. So that would mean every club in the country with say, you know, 30 people, would have to take 10 buses.

“So for me the goalposts are completely moved.

“And now all of sudden we adhere to all protocols, have taken photographs, adhered to every rule in place and we have 13 players, and three staff isolating for 10 days that, apart from one, are all negative. It’s absolutely preposterous.”