PRESSURE is growing on the Scottish Government to close non-essential building works after cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed at construction sites across Glasgow.

Cases have been confirmed at the new University of Glasgow site where all but essential workers have downed tools and most project staff have been working at home.

Unite the Union, who represent many construction workers across the city have raised numerous concerns about staff who are still working and are calling for the Scottish Government to close non-essential sites. The union held a meeting with the construction leadership board yesterday.

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The union’s Steven Dillon claimed that many workers have raised concerns about safety.

He said: “We are aware of outbreaks at construction sites across Glasgow. Unite’s position is that we should revert back to the way building was in the original lockdown with only essential works operating and then start it back phase by phase as the numbers come down as we did originally.”

“Workers, regardless of their employment status should receive grants or financial assistance in order to down tools.We are doing everything we can to try and get them to change their mind.”

A spokesman for Multiplex, who are the main contractors said:“Protecting our workforce and the general public from Covid-19 is our number one priority.

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“Multiplex was the first contractor in the UK to shut down all sites in response to the pandemic last March, and the procedures and protocols we have put in place have resulted in only a limited number of positive Covid-19 cases on our sites, including the University of Glasgow.

“In addition to NHS Test and Trace, we have our own track and trace protocols in place, including guidance for staff on when to self-isolate and what should be considered as close contact.

“People who are instructed to self-isolate are also given a ‘blue card,’ which suspends their security clearance to access the site. In line with Scottish government guidance, only essential personnel are working onsite at the University of Glasgow with a significant number of the project team working from home.”

The Scottish Government were unavailable for comment however guidelines on their website state: “Outdoor workplaces, construction, manufacturing, veterinary services and film and TV production can also remain open. They should plan for the minimum number of people needed on site to operate safely and effectively. The Coronavirus regulations require that work carried out in someone else’s home for the maintenance, upkeep or functioning of the home must only be carried out where it is essential or where that house is unoccupied. People must not go into other people’s houses for that type of work where it is not essential. This applies to anyone carrying out work, voluntary or charitable services. Businesses who employ people to carry out this work should consider if it is essential before asking their employees to enter someone else’s home.”