GLASGOW’S Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) says delaying the decision on Universal Credit payments is causing stress and anxiety for hundreds of residents across the city.

The North West CAB is backing calls for the £20 weekly Universal Credit uplift to be made permanent. Payments were temporarily increased at the start of the pandemic by £20 a week but are due to stop at the end of March. The charity now believes that the extra benefit should last beyond March.

Rob Gallagher, CEO at Glasgow North West Citizens Advice Bureau (GNWCAB), said: “By delaying the decision on whether to keep the extra £20 per week in Universal Credit benefit, the government is causing great uncertainty for thousands of individuals and families in Northwest Glasgow who already face household financial shock and crisis due to Covid19.

“Glasgow North West CAB works in some of the most deprived areas of Scotland and helps over 2,100 people every year living below the poverty line with holistic advice.”

Mr Gallagher added: “During the pandemic our trained advisers have supported more than 500 people in crisis with food, utility and housing emergencies and the £20 per week has acted as a lifeline for so many people who have lost their jobs, income and homes.

“As a local charity focussed on poverty prevention, we call not only for the £20 uplift to be continued throughout the pandemic, but to be made permanent.”