I READ your article about vandals wrecking headstones in Lambhill Cemetery with great disappointment.

It really does make you wonder who would do such a thing. I feel sorry for the families and the people who had to witness that scene.

To wreck headstones and then go on to torch a car in such a sentimental place is just disgusting. I hope that the police catch whoever it was and they face the punishment they deserve.


South Side

I FELT quite emotional reading Catriona Stewart’s articles from inside the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Like the doctor quoted at the end of the article, I well up thinking about how hard the doctors and nurses are working during this terrible time and I want them to know the public is still behind them.

Thank you to them all.

Betty Frank


I WAS on McGill’s bus today and notice they do not have separated seats or windows opened as they should have regarding the virus.

A few people came on the bus (young couple with a toddler), no masks in sight plus no lanyards to say they are exempt from wearing them.

I asked the driver why were they allowed on and was told by him they cannot ask them.

I understand the driver not asking for fear of a backlash but why can the bus company not show a sign “no mask no entry” as some shops do.

M Nicol

Via email

READERS had plenty to say on the council’s defence of its new three-weekly bin collection service. Here’s a selection of comments.

HOW can it be working when I need to pay people to Come and collect my rubbish every two weeks cause my bins are full.

It’s a mixture of the bun that I get collected. I can’t get more bins cause I don’t have room to store them.

Pamela Cowan

ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Bins should be emptied every week.

Kelly Shannon

ARE they only doing this in certain places?

We’re still every two weeks. They really need to sort bulk uplifts out because there’s rubbish everywhere left about the streets.

Leanne Quigley

IT’S definitely not working.

Mary Crearie

IT’S bin day for us today, but we’re not in Glasgow.

We recycle, donate and use the local recycling centre for some items but still fill a bin in two weeks.

Kathleen McKay

MY green bin is full in one week never mind three.

I foresee a growing vermin/fox influx into everyone’s gardens.

David Richardson