My neighbours are breaking Covid lockdown rules. Their house is busier than Tesco some days. I don’t want to cause a drama, what should I do? Alison, Netherlee.

Alison, this should be a straightforward case of right and wrong, but Covid has brought about feelings of fear and resentment which most of us have never had to confront before.

If you already have a good relationship with your neighbours, then it makes sense to uphold this and tactfully approach them with your concerns.

I know of someone who conversationally referred to an incident which caused the spread of the virus and had heart-breaking consequences on a family. This was enough for their neighbours to respectfully take on board Covid rules. So, sometimes a friendly word can be enough.

There are, of course, times when rule-breaking escalates to dangerous numbers, high noise levels and downright anti-social behaviour. To knock on that door would be daunting and unwise and best left to the authorities to deal with as they are trained to amicably resolve any breach in the law.

After all, you going in guns blazing like an untrained Scottish version of Bruce Willis in Die Hard could result in years of living next door to hostile neighbours.

My man won’t do any of the housework, how can I make him do at least his fair share? Jean, Baillieston.

Jean, this is an age-old issue that often rears its dirty head. For some, it stems back to when mothers insisted on doing everything for their sons which resulted in young brides inheriting a husband who could single-handedly dismantle a car engine blindfolded but had no clue how to put on a washing or vacuum the house.

Firstly, you need to establish whether this is blissful ignorance on his part which could be a simple fix that can be worked on starting with easy chores like loading the dishwasher, as opposed to presenting him with a full military-style domestic strategy document that would frighten Mrs Hinch!

On the other hand, if your man is hell-bent on dodging all reasonable housework tasks and his selective deafness kicks in as soon as you mention Domestos, then it sounds like time for a tougher approach.

My pal was astonished when her partner had the bright idea of paying for a cleaner, but only to do his share of the chores! Well, that went down like a lead balloon.

Personally, I think it’s best to start small. Show him how to do simple tasks and give credit for a job well done, and if he shrinks your favourite cardi, or uses a scourer on your non-stick pots, grit your teeth and let it go.

If all else fails then remember, Jean: food, drink, gadgets and sex are all bartering tools!

My husband expects me to shave my legs, however he refuses to shave off his beard and remove his disgusting nose and ear hair. How can I get him to take more pride in himself? Fiona, Cumbernauld.

Well, Fiona, if I had a bottle of wine for every similar couple dilemma, I’d have to build a wine cellar! It’s a tricky but common issue, as lockdown has seen many people let their personal grooming slide somewhat.

I’ll be honest, Fiona, the sight of a female peely-wally hairy leg is not good. (Even my own). But then again, sitting across the table from someone whose dark hairs are sprouting from every orifice is just as off-putting.

You’ve clearly got “hair issues” with each other and although you could point out that there are supposedly more germs on a facial beard than there are in a toilet bowl, this could lead to a Mexican stand-off on many levels.

So why don’t you both compromise and arrange an at-home date night when the Big Reveal can happen? You can tidy up those pesky hairy parts, get dolled up and enjoy and appreciate the more appealing side of each other. Then make it a weekly ritual and less of a chore!

I’m a takeaway addict. My partner, on the other hand, is focusing hard on her 2021 fitness regime and is avoiding them. Is a secret chippy a bad thing? Jack, South Side.

Hi Jack, I’m assuming this is a fairly new relationship and you want to impress your beau, and I’m not one for condoning lying because one seemingly small innocent lie can lead to another bigger lie... and so on and so on. However, on this occasion, I would say go for it. On the scale of things, a bit on the side (food only) is fine in my books so long as you don’t overindulge and pile on the unhealthy pounds.

Enjoy your sneaky chippy Jack but remember, if your partner is focused on healthy eating, she’ll have the senses of a Basset Hound and will whiff the slightest trace of chip fat a mile off.

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