MORE food pantries could be set up across Glasgow to tackle poverty if the system which is already established is deemed a success.

The Scottish Pantry Network (TSPN) was set up by councillor Mandy Morgan to provide relief of financial hardship by providing food security to those who need it most.

It aims to help local communities increase training and employment while improving healthy living and wellbeing outcomes.

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So far six pantries are or soon will be successfully operating across Glasgow each following the guidelines set out by TSPN.

Chairwoman Mandy Morgan said: “Three years ago myself, Jim Burns of Fareshare and the council had a conversation where we came up with this model which we think is sustainable.

“We created Ruchazie as the pilot which was followed by Castlemilk and Parkhead. Castlmilk is an area which needs food provision within the area.

“We needed them to be strategically placed across the city, so all parts were served. We started to have conversations with other community organisations who were also FareShare members including Flourish House and DRC and Govan Help.

“They fit into the ethos of what we do, and we wanted to achieve. Once the six pantries were established, we started to create the Scottish Pantry Network as an organisation.

“It is a franchise model because we are all working on the same model. We can work together to make sure they are sustainable.”

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The pantries already created are based in Ruchazie, Parkhead, Govan, Castlemilk, Yoker and Westercommon.

They provide relief for those in need by providing access to key support including money advice, credit unions, housing, health, employment, training as well as fresh produce.

The organisation also helps the environment by reducing food waste locally and nationally.

Ms Morgan added: “The pantry network expanding outside Glasgow. There is now an outlet in Inverclyde, and I am in conversation with an organisation in Ayr where a pantry will be situated in a shop front.

“This is about sustainability and the food that we have. At this moment in time, FareShare has agreed to provide for six pantries. I think we need to do some learning from the ones that we have got and manage the food supply.

“If more food becomes available then more pantries will be created.”